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Are you looking for Apostille Services in Los Angeles, California to urgently legalize your forms? Are you searching for a place that you can wholeheartedly trust with all of your document validation needs? We assure you that you’ve come to the right place! Located in the bright, high-spirited city of Los Angeles, A to Z Documents is here to provide you with the finest Apostille Notary services. In the fast-paced whirlwind that is life, we apprehend the significance of saving time — which is why we offer fast, dependable services for our beloved customers.

What Is An Apostille
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What Is An Apostille?

Have you been told that your documents require Notarization and an Apostille? Do you feel utterly lost and confused regarding the proceedings of this process? Allow us to explain and assist you every step of the way. To put it simply, an Apostille is a form of authentication on any document used in countries that partake in the Hague Convention of 1961. For your convenience, a list of the countries that inherently accept apostilles is provided by the U.S. State Department.
It is also important to note that if the nation in question does not participate in the Hague Convention, those documents can be “certified” or “authenticated.” Essentially, this stamp plays an instrumental role by proving the genuineness of a document and verifying its validity upon being presented in another country.

A to Z Documents provide apostille notary services in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura County.

We Provide Apostille Services For An Array Of Important Documents!

At A to Z Documents, we provide an Apostille in California for an array of important documents! Whether you’re looking to obtain a stamp on a birth certificate or a U.S. passport, we’ve got you covered! We access the Secretary of State and ultimately make the process extremely quick, safe and effortless for you! Determined and passionate to save you both time and money, our Apostille offers the stamp on the following documents for $150.

Public Documents for an Apostille

Issued in the state of California, public documents possess an embossed stamp and/or signature of an appointed official, the likes of which include the California Corporation Division and Vital Records. It is also significant to note that this document cannot be notarized and must be an original, certified certificate. Examples of public records are as follows.

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Divorce Certificate

Driver License

US Passport

Police Clearance

Adoption Certificate

Certificate of Merger

Certificate of Formation

Certificate of Good Standing

Restated Certificate of

Termination of Foreign

Statement of Dissolution

Certificate of existence

Business License



Consolidation Certificate

Foreign Certificate of

Certificate of Incumbency

Articles of Incorporation

General Documents for Apostille Services

Essentially, general documents are issued by private agencies in California; examples of such agencies include corporations, schools, and universities. We provide stamps on the following documents.

Agreement to Form
a Corporation

Insurance Certificate

Business Letter

Letter of Authorization

Power of Attorney

ISO Certificate

Technical Data Sheet


Free sale Certificate

Stock Certificate

Shareholder List

Change of Agent

Stock Purchase Agreement

Health Certificate

Agency Agreement

Company Bylaws

Certificate of Analysis

School Transcript

College Transcript

School Diploma

Teaching Credentials

TESOL Certificate

Doctorate Degree

Graduate Record
Examination GRE

Doctorate Certificate

College Diploma

Master Degree

Associate Degree

Bachelor Degree/ Certificate

Letter of Resignation

Distributor Agreement

Letter of Intent

Operating Agreement

Federal Documents for an Apostille

Issued by federal agencies — the likes of which include the FDA, the FBI, and the IRS — federal documents must be original and essentially possess an official seal. Lucky for you, A to Z Documents provides Apostille services in Los Angeles, California on all the federal documents listed below.

Sanitation Certificate

Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

Certificate of Exportability

Certificate to Foreign
Government (CFG)

Sanitation Certificate


Plant Certificate

Animal Health Certificate

Phytosanitary Certificate

Certificate of Pharmaceutical product- Foreign Manufacturer

Certificate of Pharmaceutical product- Foreign Manufacturer

Specified Risk Material of Bovine, Ovine, and Caprine Origin Materials.

FBI Criminal Background Check


Form 6166‐ US Tax Residency

Homeland Security Documents

Naturalization Certificate

Social Security Documents

Social Security Benefits Letter

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