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What Does A Notary Loan Signing Agent Do?

The significance of a loan signing agent cannot be emphasized enough. In charge of fulfilling various duties regularly, these agents play a crucial role in the mortgage finance industry and the lives of millions of citizens. More precisely, their specific responsibilities include printing loan documents, notarizing the signatures of all the signers involved, and finally, processing the documents.
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A To Z Documents' Mobile Notary Loan Signing services

Are you looking for a notary to handle your loans? In need of professional help with the effective execution of your important documents? Look no further! At A to Z Documents, our notary loan signing agents process your loan documents with the utmost consideration. Envisioned with the sincere desire to provide our customers with some peace of mind, we follow our company’s ideals to this day.

 Fee: $150.00 Per 1 Notarized Signature

What Is A Loan Signing Agent?

Essentially, loan signing agents in California are trained notaries in charge of all things about loan documents. Hired by mortgage companies, title companies, escrow companies, and signing services, these notaries facilitate processing and handle procedures in expert ways. At A to Z Documents, we have a professional team that provides notary loan signing services who rigorously prioritize punctuality, accuracy, and diligence.

Why Choose Our Loan Signing Agents?

At A to Z Documents, we promise that your valuable loan documents are in the immensely safe hands of our skillful notaries. We are proud to announce that we are NNA-trained and certified! You can rest assured; our top priorities are you and your security! Considering that loan signing agents possess vital personal information about the clients, we assure you that all our employees undergo an annual background screening to prevent fraud.
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What Do We Offer?

To ensure that we stay true to our founding principles, A to Z Documents offers the speed, experience, and knowledge to handle your documents efficiently. You need not worry about anything! We completely understand the urgency to get your loans printed in legitimate and hassle-free ways — and we are here to offer the most professional and reliable notary loan signing services in town for $150. Say goodbye to those long lines at banks! At our innermost core, we prioritize our customer’s needs above all else.


The documents include promissory notes, closing disclosures, and notice of the right to cancel.    

 If you find errors in your loan documents, immediately contact your lender to get the error corrected. Some of the common errors are misspelled names, wrong phone numbers, or addresses. 

Yes. We provide a same-day loan signing facility to our customers. We assign a loan signing agent according to your requirements, and the agent will get your job done within a day.  

We are a team of professionals who understand the importance of your loan documents. We ensure that your documents are safe, so you don’t have to worry about them.

The first step is to make an appointment with the loan signing agent. As soon as the agent confirms the appointment, ask for the appointment’s date, time, and location. 

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