Notary Public Services in Los Angeles

Why Do You Need a Notary Public in Los Angeles?​

Why Do You Need a Notary Public in Los Angeles?

If you’re looking to purchase a home, car, or anything expensive, your seller must notarize the document. As a buyer, you should ensure that the seller has the legal right to sell you the property before you sign on the dotted line. That’s why you need an impartial third party (notary public) to verify that your seller has all their documents in order. A to Z Documents is an insured professional notary public service in Los Angeles. A to Z Documents is waiting to provide a complete, efficient, and professional service for your notarial needs.

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Why Choose Us?

1- Premier public notary service company: We offer fast and professional notary public services without any hassle. With our mobile services, you can get documents notarized on the go!

2- No more waiting for an appointment: A to Z Documents provide same-day travel notary public and mobile notary public in Los Angeles, so you’ll never have to wait for an appointment again!

3- Reliable Notary at your doorstep: You are assured of a reliable notary public coming to your doorstep when you call us.

4- Mobile services available: We offer a mobile notary service that provides you with the convenience of not travelling or going out of your way to get your document signed by a reliable and credible company.

5- Notary across Los Angeles: We provide public notary services all across Los Angeles. Our top areas include Koreatown, Westlake, East Hollywood, Pico-Union, and Maywood – wherever you are in Los Angeles, we can make it happen!
Why Choose A to Z Documents as your notary public service provider

What documents do we notarize:

Do you need a document notarized? No worries! You will get a certified signature from our professional notaries with A to Z Documents. We offer notarization in Los Angeles for a wide variety of documents, including: 

– Legal documents.
– Loan documents.
– Deeds.
– Authorization for minors to travel.
– Affidavits.
– Power of attorneys.
– Estate Planning Documents.
– Trusts/Wills.
– Copy certification.
– Document custodian.
– Litigation paperwork.
– Contractor paperwork.
– City/construction paperwork.
– Patent Applications.

A notarized document is signed and sealed by the person who signs it, while a certified document is signed and sealed by a notary public.

If a notary public makes a mistake, it can be corrected by another person who has been authorized by law to do so. But remember, a small mistake could lead to enormous consequences. That’s why our professional notarizer, who has years of experience, takes care of all these things.

Avoid the headache of rushing to find a notarizer for your business or personal documents. The A to Z Documents team makes it easy by offering mobile notary services, so you never have to go far!

California does not allow online notary services. Online Notaries can only certify signatures and documents scanned and uploaded by the customer.
Many different types of ID can be used for notary purposes in California. It includes Driver’s license or state ID card, a Passport, a green card, a Military ID card, an employee ID card, etc.