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Defined as a state-appointed witness and oath administrator, a notary public plays a significant role in the notarization of documentation. Appointed as an official of integrity by the government, a notary adheres to various crucial rules and serves as a witness during the signing of copious legal documents.

At their very core, these individuals aim to be impartial in every sense of the word. More specifically, as both a moral responsibility and a personal desire, they pay no heed to situations influenced by personal interest.

Additionally, they demonstrate equal respect for all individuals irrespective of race, gender, and sexual orientation. The underlying goal is to deter fraud and legally notarize documents as effectively as possible.

Perhaps you’re looking to buy or sell a house in the presence of an impartial witness — or maybe you’re seeking to get your will signed with official verification from a notary public. Regardless of your specific goal, notaries are responsible for thoroughly assisting you with the process of legalization.

From property deeds to powers of attorney, these individuals are here to authenticate an array of significant transactions. To put it simply, notary publics not only bear witness to the signing of the documents and the identity of the signer but also testify to the individual mentioned above’s awareness of the contents and inclination to sign.

Aside from screening the signers and overseeing the overall process, they also sometimes put the signer under oath and state under penalty of perjury that the information in the documentation is factually accurate. Indispensable in every sense of the word, notaries attest to the execution of copious profound documents and thus play a significant role in society.

How Does One Become a Notary Public?


Serving as a notary public comes with its fair share of huge responsibilities — so it only makes sense for individuals first to meet a list of prerequisites.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, it is vital to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a legal resident of California
  • Complete a course approved by the Secretary of State
  • Pass a written examination assigned by the Secretary of State
  • Clear a background check

To obtain a notary commission, it is mandatory to follow all of the steps listed below.

  1. Complete Approved Education
  2. Register for the Exam
  3. Take the Exam
  4. Submit Fingerprints via Live Scan
  5. Await Commission Packet
  6. Purchase Notary Public Materials
  7. File Notary Public Oath & Bond

For further information and guidance, feel free to browse the California Secretary of State’s website.

At A to Z Documents, all of our notary publics have followed this checklist with the utmost precision. So you can rest assured that we possess the skills and training to notarize any document of your choice legally.

After completing an obligatory six-hour course of study, taking a relevant written exam, and passing a fingerprint-based background check, we are now officially verified and equipped with the education needed to serve you effectively. Here, your documents are in incredibly safe hands.

Give us a call today for the best notarization services in California!

What are the Best Ways to Secure Loose Notarial Certificates?

To begin with, a loose notarial certificate is included on a separate piece of paper as opposed to the original document. Essentially, each state has its own set of requirements for notarial certificate wording — so all notaries need to comply with the laws of their commissioning state.

Because some forms don’t have certificates that act in accordance with state law, notaries must securely use replacements and simultaneously ensure that they are not misused.

Typically, the notarial certificate wording is preferred to be printed or stamped on the actual document. If there is adequate space, notaries are advised to legibly integrate the wording, use permanent adhesive labels, or affix their notary stamp so that it is partially over the label and partially over the document itself. Such measures have a hand in preventing misuse to a substantial degree.

When there is insufficient space for the notarial certificate on the original document, notaries then choose to rely on loose certificates. In simple words, the loose certificate must contain the state-required wording alongside other sufficient information such as the document’s title, the number of pages, and the date of the signing.

Notary publics must affix their notary stamp with a staple and avoid stamping across numerous pages. Lastly, they must note the usage of the loose certificate in their journal or record book.

At A to Z Documents, we follow only the very best notary tips and practices to secure loose notarial certificates. Our notary publics make sure to adhere to the law of California to the best of their abilities and serve as the ideal state-appointed witness for you.

From loose certificate pads to notary stamps with notarial certificate wording, we possess and carry all necessary notary supplies to meet your needs. At A to Z’s very core, customer satisfaction is the top priority.

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Where Can I Acquire the Best Notary Services in California?


If you need a state-appointed official to verify the signing of some of your life’s most significant transactions, A to Z Documents is home to the finest mobile notary publics in California!

Here, we understand just how tiresome long lines can be — which is why we bring our notarization services to your home or workplace. Yes, you heard that right! Bid farewell to tedious processes and waiting periods — and say hello to mobile notaries at your doorstep. At A to Z, we value your time and money.

As official representatives of the state, we take our job very seriously. On the regular, our exemplary staff works diligently to make sure your documents are properly signed and sealed. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the legal sphere, we are capable of serving as the ideal impartial witness during the signing of important documents like wills and affidavits. Utterly professional and reliable, our mobile notary publics promise — and deliver — incredibly satisfactory results.

Reach out to A to Z Documents for premium, convenient notary public services in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County!

 Make sure to bring an acceptable ID to notarize the document of your choice successfully.

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