Everything You Wanted to Know About Live Scan Fingerprinting and Were Afraid to Ask

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There are many different ways to identify someone. Fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA–all of these methods are used on a daily basis by law enforcement and other government agencies. But did you know that fingerprints can also be collected using a live scan fingerprinting machine? Live scan fingerprinting is the process in which an electronic image of your fingerprints is captured by this machine. This information can then be stored electronically for use with future criminal investigations or background checks.

What Is Live Scan Fingerprinting?


Live Scan is the main type of fingerprinting, and it resembles what many people may be used to for criminal background checks. What’s really cool about this process is that it doesn’t take long at all (usually less than 10 minutes). What’s even better is that you would only have one visit to a location – no more coming back day after day with your finger marked up from ink. The process of Live Scan starts off by capturing an image of the print and then entering information in like name, DOB, gender, country, address, etc.

Reasons For FBI Background Checks:

The FBI uses a national system of databases that collects information on individuals with convictions for crimes in the United States. These records are held by federal, state, and local governments as well as private entities, including employment agencies and companies that issue security clearances for the US Department of Defense or access to classified information through the National Industrial Security Program (NISP). What’s more, is that this information can be shared with additional countries through Interpol. The FBI processes approximately 30 million fingerprint transactions each year and aims to return results within 24 hours (unless it’s an urgent request).

Background Check for Employment:

Live scan fingerprinting is usually taken seriously by any firm before they hire an individual. This helps them to cross-check the background of all candidates thoroughly, as it ensures that there are no criminal records in their history at all.

Are there mobile live scan fingerprinting services available?


When you search for the term live scan fingerprinting near me or live scan fingerprinting Los Angeles you might get overwhelmed by so many search results. You need to make sure that the service provider should be credible and registered.

We all know how tiring it is to commute for your fingerprinting live scanning. There are companies that offer mobile live scan fingerprinting services, sound’s great right?

A to Z Documents is one of the top livescan service providers all over Los Angeles, so you won’t have to move out of the comfort of your house.

Who Needs Live Scan fingerprinting?

  • Contractors

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • DMV Licensed Professionals

  • Notaries, Surgeons

  • Security Guards

  • Foster Parents

  • Teachers

  • Appraisers

  • CareGivers

  • Stock Brokers

  • Real Estate Licensees

  • Security Guards

  • Volunteers

  • Lawyers

Live Scan Fingerprinting Process:


Live Scan is the newest, most innovative way to capture fingerprints and transmit them digitally. Getting a fingerprint card each time you wanted your prints taken could be tedious at best–and downright irritating for some people. But with live scan technology, it’s as easy as snapping fingers! This advanced machine captures all of your information in just seconds, eliminating any need for ink or cards that may get lost somewhere along the line between here and there.

A certified technician will use a live scan machine to get your fingerprints. The electronic fingerprinting session will take around 5-10 minutes and then your prints are transferred to the department of justice/ FBI channeling agencies for background checks .

Advantages of Live scan Fingerprinting:



The fingerprint is hard to fake and easy to authenticate, keeping your data safe.

Direct Data transfer to Department of Justice:

Live scan fingerprinting is a great option for people who want to get their fingerprints recorded digitally in order to prevent identity theft. Your data can be transmitted directly with the Department of Justice, which saves you from having your prints sent through the mail and waiting weeks or months before they are processed.


You’ll never have to worry about forgetting and remembering your passwords again when you use live scan fingerprinting


Live scan fingerprinting is a low-cost and highly accurate way to verify for security purposes. It’s more effective than any other verification method on the market today.

Mobile live scan fingerprinting services have been shown to be a more convenient and efficient way of getting fingerprints processed. The process is simple – the officer will take your prints using a mobile scanner, which is then transmitted electronically to both the FBI and local database for matching against records that might show you’re not who you say you are. If this sounds like something you need or if you want to learn more about other ways we can help with security clearancescontact us today!

Dr. Terrance Cleveland

Dr. Terrance Cleveland

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