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Fee : $40.00 + Government Fees

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Mobile Fingerprinting Service in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County

A to Z Documents provides reliable and fast fingerprint services right at your doorstep. We are the leading Live Scan service provider in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County. You understand that time is money and you don’t have an hour to waste waiting in line for your fingerprints. Our live scan fingerprinting service eliminates the need to stand in line for hours. We handle everything from beginning to end so you can get back to work or home as soon as possible! Our Live Scan Fingerprinting services are quick and simple. Instead of making you travel to a government office center, we bring our fast fingerprints to you. This means less time spent on travel and more time spent doing what matters – being productive!

Live Scan Fingerprinting Near Me

Tired of searching for “live scan / fingerprinting near me”?

Googling “live scan fingerprinting near me” and finding out that you have to travel at least 5 miles and wait for hours to get your fingerprint done is frustrating. The process of getting your fingerprints done is time-consuming and inconvenient. You have to drive all the way to the police station and wait for hours in line. With A to Z Documents, you can avoid all of that trouble and have your fingerprints taken at home or at work! We are the top live scan service provider (all over Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County) and we try to save you time and money. By using A to Z Documents’ Digital Fingerprint Services, you can avoid long lines at police stations and get your fingerprints done quickly!

Why choose A to Z Documents for Live Scan/ Fingerprinting services?

Safer and more accurate than ink fingerprinting: A to Z Documents offers quick, live scan fingerprinting services to save you time.

Crisp and clear fingerprints are quickly scanned for identification purposes without being smudged or compromised by messy ink – even if your fingers are wet.

Get quick live scan service and accurate results
(DOJ results within 5-7 business days)
(FBI results within 24-48 hours).

We provide fast fingerprints service for businesses and individuals.

We offer excellent Digital Fingerprinting service

You need a background check but don’t have the time to go in person. We’re all aware that getting a background check is necessary for a variety of reasons. It’s also difficult to do if you’re not close to the police station and don’t have hours available on your schedule. A to Z Documents provides Digital Fingerprint services throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, allowing you to get your results quickly and at any time! With our fast fingerprint services, we can assist with any immigration or security clearance application. You no longer need to waste hours of your day waiting for an appointment at one of those inconvenient locations! We now offer digital fingerprints service in Los Angeles or Orange County.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time: 714-261-1583


The process of electronically capturing fingerprints is known as live scan fingerprinting. Live Scan fingerprinting is a quick and easy way to ensure the accuracy of your prints. There’s no need for ink or a card; just a gentle roll of the finger across a glass plate!

Nowadays, you can get fingerprinted digitally! It’s not like we used to have ink on our fingers. This new procedure is available in all 50 states, and it only takes a few minutes for a government agency to conduct a criminal background check using an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

A Live Scan is a type of background check mandated by the federal and state governments. They are typically required for state-issued licenses, employment, or volunteer work, but in some cases, they may be required for people working with vulnerable populations such as seniors, children, and adults who rely on others for care.

A REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN SERVICE form is provided by the applicant agency. The applicant must show proper identification

The Department of Justice’s automated telephone system is one method for checking fingerprints taken by live scan fingerprinting. This method is ineffective for checking hard card prints

An FBI background check is intended to reveal any criminal history, but it frequently includes all public federal misdemeanor and felony convictions.
The FBI is in charge of conducting a fingerprint-based search of the national criminal history database to determine whether applicants have any criminal records and reporting this information to the DOJ.

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